Homework Timetable

Oak Derwen

Croeso i Ddosbarth Derwen. Welcome to Oak Class.

We are a class of Reception children. Our teacher is Mrs Jones.   Mrs Watkins, Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Potter also help in our class. We are one big happy family and enjoy learning together! Take a peek below to see some of the fun we have.


We must remember to be kind to each other.

We must remember to be a good listener.

We must remember to say please and thank you.

We must remember to share and look after our toys.

Some projects we've been working on...

Gaeaf, Eira, Rhew a Nosweithiau Tywyll
Winter, Snow, Ice & Dark Nights 
(Tymor Y Gwanwyn 2019/20)
Nadolig Dros Y Byd
Christmas Around The World 
(Tymor Y Hydref 2019/20)
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Brain Builders
(Independent Research Projects)
Beth mae'r draenog yn dweud?
What is the hedgehog saying?
Community Explorers  
(Tymor Y Gwanwyn 2018/19)
13242131351580368014Sun Happy Image 12_2
(Tymor Y Hydref 2019/20)
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Tyfu Pethau
Growing Things  
(Tymor Y Haf 2018/19)
Cestyll a Dreigiau
Castles and Dragons 
(Tymor Y Gwanwyn 2 2018/19)
Chwarae Ffonig
Phonic Play

Take a look at some educational online games:


Maths Development websites:





Counting websites:



Literacy websites:





Welsh words and phrases for AUTUMN Term:


Bore da Good morning

Prynhawn da Good afternoon

Nos da Goodnight

Hwyl fawr Goodbye

___ ydw i.  I am ___.

Ble mae'r...? Where is...?

Dyma'r... Here is...

Ga i...? Can I...?

Dyma ti Here you are

Beth? What?

Ga i...? Can i...?

Pwy wyt ti?  Who are you?

Sut wyt ti?  How are you?

Dw i'n eisiau cinio.  I want dinner.

Dw i'n eisiau brechdanau.  I want sandwiches.

Pa liw ydy hwn?  What colour is this?

Welsh words and phrases for SPRING Term:

Building on above, with:

Sut wyt ti'n teimlo? How are you feeling?

Dw i'n... I am...

hapus happy

sâl sick

ofnadwy terrible

gyffrous excited

wedi blino tired

oer cold

poeth hot

Beth wyt ti'n gwisgo? What are you wearing?

Dw i'n gwisgo... I am wearing...

swimper  a jumper

trwsers trousers

crys-t  a T-Shirt

hosanau socks

shoes esgidiau

sgert skirt

Welsh words and phrases for SUMMER Term:

Building on above, with:

Sut mae'r tywydd?  How's the weather?

Mae hi'n...    It is...

heulog sunny

bwrw glaw raining

wyntog windy

oer cold

poeth hot

braf fine

gymylog windy

stormus stormy

enfys rainbow

Welsh websites:



Let's Go Heroes link:


If you're kind and you know it link:


Click on link for more reading book ideas:



Take a look at these online BRAIN BUILDER websites:

PELMANISM - Classic Pelmanism Game (find the pairs) with up to 18 cards.

SAME OR DIFFERENT - Explore the concept of same or different.

MOVING TARGETS - A suite of fun targeting activities in which the targets are progressively harder to hit.

Our Body Brain Builder Ideas: (Summer 2018/19)


Find more ideas here: