Our Attendance

Regular attendance and punctuality are essential if children are to gain maximum benefit from their time in school. The school uses a system called ‘Callio’ to remind parents of how their child’s absence can impact upon their education. All pupils should aim to achieve over 97% attendance.


The school’s attendance records are good-maintaining an average of 95.7% over the past five years. 

Parents should consider the implications on the education of their children if they take holidays during school time. Even only 10 days absence every academic year of a child’s lifetime, adds up to nearly a whole year of a child’s education missed.


During the Covid 19 Pandemic, attendance is not being monitored by Welsh Government. Engagement in online distance learning or attendance at the critical worker provision will aim to limit the negative impact of this longer term absence from face to face learning. When pupils return, schools will focus their planning and resources on recovery and catch up for all pupils. 

Below 92%

Between 92% and 97%

Above 97%

Autumn Term 2020
Oak • Derwen: 91.3%
Ash • Onnen: 94.7%
Flower • Blodau: 95.4%
Willow • Helygen: 95.1%
Birch • Bedwen: 95.2%
Hawthorn • Y Draenen Wen: 95.4%
Spring Term 2021
Oak • Derwen: Closure COVID19
Ash • Onnen: Closure COVID 19
Flower • Blodau: Closure COVID 19
Willow • Helygen: Closure COVID 19
Birch • Bedwen: Closure COVID 19
Hawthorn • Y Draenen Wen: Closure COVID 19
Summer Term 2021
Oak • Derwen: 93.8%
Ash • Onnen: 93.5%
Flower • Blodau: 96.4%
Willow • Helygen: 93.4%
Birch • Bedwen: 96.9%
Hawthorn • Y Draenen Wen: 95.9%