There's an eco code in our school,

It helps the environment and it's really cool!

I said, "Hey man recycle your trash;

Turn off your taps and shower not bath,

Flick off the switches and save more energy,

Cut out the junk and be really healthy.

Our world is important so start to care,

Support Fairtrade and be more aware!

So learn this rhyme, it's really fun,

And spread the word to everyone!

Our Eco-School Rap

Top Platinum Eco Award 

We are proud to have retained the Platinum Eco award since 2015 - the highest accolade possible. Our Platinum award was successfully renewed in April 2016, in 2017 and again in November 2018.

Some of our Eco Warriors!

Eco enrichment activities scheduled this year:

  • Adopt a beehive

  • Plant flowers that attract bees and other insects

  • Make bird feeders

  • Litter pick

  • Plant summer bedding pots 

Click on the eco-schools sign to see                this year's action plan.

Our Eco-School

Over recent years, the school Eco Committees have worked extremely hard, particularly in achieving the Platinum Eco School Award which highlights the enthusiasm and commitment to sustainable development and global citizenship by all our staff and pupils.

  • We have achieved our 3rd Green Flag award.

  • We have received the 5th phase of the Healthy Schools Scheme.

  • We have been rewarded with Fairtrade status, as a result of our pledge to promoting and selling Fairtrade products.

  • We were awarded the Platinum Eco School Award in 2014.

  • Our Platinum award renewal was successful in April 2016

  • Our Platinum award renewal was successful in May 2017

The Eco-Schools programme was developed in 1994 by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and introduced into the UK in 1995. The programme is a learning resource and topic areas include: Litter, Waste Minimisation, Transport, Healthy Living, Energy, Water, School Grounds and Global Citizenship.


Scroll down to read about the following topics:

  • Our School Environment

  • Global Citizenship

  • Transport

  • Energy

  • Enterprise Day / Enrichment

  • Waste Management


Find out about our adopted Beehive, a corporate gift from Niche Financial Services.

Our School Environment

Children have undertaken lots of activities to try and improve the school environment. During enrichment afternoon activities they have completed mosaic pictures, made from recycled wood and old and new tiles. They are on display in the school grounds and look fantastic! They have supported 'Wild Weekend for Wales', making bird feeders to encourage more birds into the school grounds. Both children and grandparents have been busy knitting and woollen scarves have been sewn around some of the school trees; children have also been weaving railings to try and make our school grounds brighter.

Global Citizenship

We feel global citizenship is extremely important in our school. We make sure we do our best to support events such as Red Nose Day, Operation Christmas Child and World Environment Day!

We have held cake stalls, donated shoe boxes of gifts for children less fortunate than ourselves and collected copper coins from home.


Our JRSO's (Junior Road Safety Officers) are doing a great job! They regularly monitor the 'Stop and Go' area to ensure all pupils arrive safely in school. Please remember not to park in the bus stop as our school bus needs to ensure our pupils are dropped off safely too.


The Eco Committee have undertaken a survey to find out how children and staff travel to school. Did you know that the average school journey is 2.7 miles? This would generate about 1kg of carbon dioxide. Through the survey the Eco Team found out that the total annual potential carbon dioxide emissions is 30970kg. The survey results show that at the moment we are saving a total annual saving of 18935.4kg of carbon dioxide emissions by walking to school and sharing lifts. Can we try and improve this even more?


Every year we take part in 'Switch Off Fortnight'. Eco Warriors remind the whole school to try and save energy. In the past members of the Eco Committee have created a blog on the POD. Due to all the hard work and effort, we won a GOLD medal. Bendigedig!


We supported 'Go Green Day'. We all dressed in green and we raised £65 which helped go to save an area of rainforest in places such as Africa and South America. During the day, children carried out a range of activities, including planting flowers in recycled tins, creating mini compost bins and making posters to promote energy saving.


Enterprise Day and Enrichment

Our school regularly holds Enterprise Days where parents can come and see the variety of gifts, plants and treats that the children have designed and made.


All the children made items to sell, and where possible, used recycled materials. 

Waste Management

We are always thinking of trying to minimise our waste - reduce, reuse and recycle!