Our Fairtrade School

The Fairtrade Schools Award is a campaign that gives primary and secondary school students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of global issues the solution that Fairtrade is for so many farmers and workers in marginalised conditions across the globe.


The Fairtrade Schools Award is not only about teaching the students the issue, the award aims to teach them how they can be involved in changing the world around them, encouraging them to know that they can make a difference, that through supporting and promoting Fairtrade in your school, they can empower farmers and workers in marginalised countries.  We support the Christian charity Jenga in Uganda.

Enterprise Day

Our school regularly holds Enterprise Days where parents can come and see the variety of gifts, plants and treats that the children have designed and made.


All the children made items to sell, and where possible, used recycled materials. 

Raising Awareness

Parents were invited to school for a Fairtrade Coffee Afternoon, during Fairtrade Fortnight and children were allowed to purchase Fairtrade Products. The Fairtrade Committee lead an assembly to the whole school to help raise awareness. They were absolutely brilliant!


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