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Abraham Theron

Foundation Governor Vice Chair


Dr Tom Marples

Foundation Governor 


Mary Sharp

Non-Teaching Staff Representative


Llion Davies

Parent Representative Chair

Ben Horton

Foundation Governor


Pamela Haines

Foundation Governor


Wendy Gordon

Foundation Governor


Cllr Julie Lloyd

Minor Authority Representative
(Colwinston Community Council)


Andy Clarke

LEA Representative (Vale of Glamorgan)


Karen Anthony

Teacher Representative


Rev. Dr Angela Cooper

Foundation Governor ex officio


Marc Sinnett

Foundation Governor & Seconded Co Head


Jeremy Evans

Foundation Governor

Ceri Hoffrock

Co Headteacher 

Our Governors

A Message from the Vice Chair of Governors

In 2012 when I got a substantive post in Cardiff we

started to look for a school between Swansea and Cardiff

where we would like our children to attend. This was how

we found St David’s, Church in Wales, Primary School in

Colwinston and shortly afterwards moved into the village. 


We had to wait a further 3 years for the children to be old

enough to attend the school.


Since the children started school we have never been

disappointed in the way all staff in St David’s have seen to

both our children, even at times when they were clearly in

the wrong! As parent governor it became clear to me that

the sole aim of the school is to enable each and every pupil to achieve their full potential. I was further astonished on how difficult this is due to a significant shortfall in human and financial resources and how successful Mrs Hoffrock and her team is in achieving these goals, despite the obstacles.


We did not decide on a church school for the children to be indoctrinated into the dogma of Christianity, as I for one don’t feel one can force an individual to believe in anything, but we wanted our children to be exposed to the example of Christ’s love, humility and service. Outside of academic achievements I strongly feel that these attributes will make for a better society no matter what you believe or don’t believe in.


I would like to encourage all parents to work with the teachers and governors in their efforts to achieve the full potential of every pupil in St David’s. Please help us to build a bright future for every pupil and a society that mirrors the tolerance and kindness of Christ.

                Vice Chair of Governors, Abrie Theron


You can find out more about the role of School Governors within Primary Schools by visiting the Governors Wales website or Llandaff Diocese website.

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