Our Village, Parish & MOD St Athan

St. David's Primary School is a small school set in the heart of the picturesque village of Colwinston in the Vale of Glamorgan.​ Our school maintains strong links with the Village of Colwinston and the Parish of Colwinston, Llandow and Llysworney.

Our Parish
Colwinston Village

The Parish of Colwinston, Llandow and Llysworney consists of three congregations and our church school in the lovely Vale of Glamorgan. We are growing together and would welcome you to be part of that journey.

We have close links with our Parish and our classes take it in turns to hold a Family Service in either St Michael's Colwinston, St Tydfil Llysworney or Holy Trinity Llandow.

Latest Events
Learning about John the Baptist

Learning about John the Baptist

St. Michael's Renovation 2012

St. Michael's Renovation 2012

St. Michael's Renovation 2012

St. Michael's Renovation 2012

St. Michael's Renovation 2012

St. Michael's Renovation 2012

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Arriving at Holy Trinity Church on Palm Sunday.

Llandow Village on Palm Sunday.

Llandow Village on Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday procession to Holy Trinity Church.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

The donkeys on Palm Sunday.



Mrs Snowden

Mrs Snowden

Our Chair of Governors and Lay Reader, leading worship every Wednesday.

Father Edward

Father Edward

Prayer Hand

When you fold your hands, the thumb is nearest you.
So begin by praying for those closest to you - your loved ones (Philippians 1:3-5).


The index finger is the pointer. Pray for those who teach—Bible teachers and preachers, and those who teach children (1 Thessalonians 5:25).


The next finger is the tallest. It reminds you to pray for those in authority over you—national and local leaders, and your supervisor at work (1 Timothy 2:1-2).


The fourth finger is usually the weakest. Pray for those who are in trouble or who are suffering (James 5:13-16).


Then comes your little finger. It reminds you of your smallness in relation to God’s greatness. Ask Him to supply your needs (Philippians 4:6,19).

Colwinston has the Norman Parish Church of St. Michael and
All Angels, a 12th Century Grade I listed building (built in 1111) and there is evidence of an earlier place of worship.


The location of the village is within half a mile of the A48 road which was the Roman Via Strata Maritima. In the village are St David's Church in Wales Primary School, the Village Hall and the Sycamore Tree Inn (dating from the 17th century or earlier).


It was one of only three Thankful villages in Wales where men sent to the First World War all returned home safely. This is shown on the village signs on the entry to the village.


For more information about the village of Colwinston, please visit the Colwinston Village Community website.

Llysworney Village

Llysworney has a population of some 240 living in approximately 100 houses. There is a 13th century church, historic pub, garage and a village pond complete with ducks. 


The earliest recorded entry for the village was in 1248 when it was the administrative centre for the West of Cowbridge. Dominated by agriculture until the 1940’s the village was a nucleus of farmsteads and cottages clustered around a water source - the village pond.


For more information about the village of Llysworney, please visit the Llysworney Village website.

Llandow Village

Within Llandow is a small medieval parish church, whose history dates back to the 11th century, with a saddleback tower dedicated to the Holy Trinity.


Adjacent to the village is a disused airfield that was once home to a World War II RAF station, part of which has now been converted into the Llandow Circuit for motorsports, next to which is the South Wales Karting Centre, home to the Llandow Kart Club.


On 12 March 1950, RAF Llandow was the site of the Llandow air disaster, when an airliner returning Welsh rugby fans from an international match in Belfast crashed on approach in the nearby village of Sigingstone. With the deaths of 80 passengers and crew, the crash was at the time the worst air disaster in history.


For some events that have taken place in Llandow Village, please visit the Llandow Village Hall website.



St Athan.png
MOD St Athan

To keep abreast with current news from RAF St Athan please visit the magazine Tathan Online.


The emblem above links to details about the base, including childcare provision.


For advice or support for services for armed services members, please follow the links below.



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Army families.png
Naval families.jpg

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise by the nation, ensuring that those who serve or who have served in the Armed Forces, and their families, are treated fairly.

The covenant focuses on helping members of the Armed Forces community, experience neither advantage nor disadvantage due to Service and therefore have the same access to government and commercial services and products as any other citizen.


For more information on the Armed Forces Covenant, visit:


At St David's we demonstrate our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant through the following activities:

  • We engage with our Armed Forces community

  • We celebrate the commitments of our Armed Forces community in a positive way

  • We create opportunities for our Service families to share their experiences

  • We identify our Service children and ensure they are well supported in education

  • We are proactive in gaining information that will enable us to support our Service children

  • We engage with SSCE Cymru and the resources and support that they provide

  • We ensure all our pupils have opportunities to learn about the current Armed Forces operations and commitments of the UK Service personnel

  • We understand the commitments and sacrifices that our Armed Forces families make in ensuring we can be safe and protected from danger.


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