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School Transport

The Vale of Glamorgan Council provides a free bus service for pupils from St David's Church In Wales Primary School living within the school catchment. 


The official catchment area of the school is the parish of Colwinston, Llysworney and Llandow. Subject to places being available at the school and with the agreement of the Governing Body, children may be admitted from outside the catchment area.


In the morning: Please check new timetable.

08:10     Cowbridge Police Station   

08:25     Sigingstone                     

08:40     Llandow Village (2 stops only)                

08:48     Llysworney 

08:55     St. David’s C/W Primary School


After school: Please check new timetable.

15:35     St. David’s C/W Primary School 

15:43     Llysworney   

15:55     Sigingstone   

16:10     Llandow Village   

16:20     Cowbridge Police Station 


The bus is operated by Peyton Travel, Tel: 01656 661221. Three-point seatbelts are provided and there is a bus escort. Click here for a map of the bus route and more information from the Vale of Glamorgan, Tel: 01446 700111.

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