Please visit this page regularly as more events are yet to be confirmed. Our ParentPay page will also have further details on specific events. 

For further information on future Term Dates and proposed INSET days, please visit the Vale of Glamorgan Council website.

Autumn Term 2019

2nd Sept - 20th Dec

Spring Term 2020

6th Jan - 4th April

Summer Term 2020

20th April - 20th July


2nd: Closure Day Staff Training

3rd: Closure Day Staff Training

9th: Superstars Clubs start- Art/Football

9th: Helygen (Year 3/4) parent meeting 4pm (Mrs Coke-West/Mrs Clewer) 

9th: Y Draenen wen (Year 5/6) parent meeting  4pm (Mrs Rosser/Mrs Baker) 

9th: PTA Meeting Sycamore 7.30

10th: Bedwen (Year 4/5) parent meeting  4pm (Mrs Anthony)

10th: Blodau (Year 2) parent meeting 4pm (Mrs Davies)

11th: Onnen (Year 1) parent meeting 4pm (Mrs Ellis) 

11th: Derwen (Reception) parent meeting  4pm (Mrs Jones) 

17th: Cool Computing Afterschool Club starts

19th: Helygen Trip Caerphilly Castle

19th: French Club starts

25th: Governing Body meeting 6pm

27th: Non-Uniform Stationary Day PTFA



4th: Blodau Trip Cardiff Castle

7th: Y Draenen Wen Trip Ewenny Priory

TBC: Y6 Parent Open Evening at Cowbridge 4pm-6pm

9th: Half-termly Merit Assembly - bring in home awards

14th: Flu Vaccinations

16th: Y6 Staying Steady in Schools Intergenerational 'Falls awareness' community work

17th: Parent Consultations Draenen wen (Mrs Baker)

18th: Enrichment Afternoon

21st: Parent Consultation Evening (Mrs Anthony/Mrs Croke-West/Mrs Davies/Mrs Rosser/Mrs Ellis/Mrs Jones)

22nd: Parent Consultation Evening (Mrs Anthony/Miss Lewis/Mrs Davies/Mrs Ellis/Mrs Jones)

23rd: Parent Consultation Evening (Mrs Clewer)

23rd: Harvest celebration

24th: Closure Day Staff Training 

25th: Closure Day Staff Training 

28th: Half term week


11th: Anti-Bullying Week - Choose kindness

14th: Autumn Term Open Day 9.30am-10.30am

15th: PTFA Cinema Night

22nd: Enrichment Afternoon

27th: Half-termly Merit Assembly- bring in home awards


TBC: Advent Eucharist

7th: Adult PTFA Christmas Market

12th: Nursery & FP Concert Dress dress rehearsal

13th: Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

13th: Nursery Nativity 10.30-11.30am

13th: KS2 Carol Concert dress rehearsal

16th: KS2 Carol Concert dress rehearsal- Holy Cross

16th: Foundation Phase Concert 2-3pm

16th: KS2 Carol Concert Holy Cross 6pm-7pm

17th: Foundation Phase Concert 2-3pm

17th: KS2 Carol Concert Holy Cross 6pm-7pm

18th: FP Christmas Party AM

18th: KS2 Christmas Disco PM

19th: Nursery Christmas Party & entertainment AM

19th: School Panto Trip - Cinderella (Barry Memorial)

20th: Christmas Dinner 

21st: End of Autumn term



28th: Y6 Magistrates

29th: Y6 Magistrates

29th: Blodau Family Worship 9am TBC


7th: Enrichment Afternoon

11th: Safer Internet Day

12th: Half-termly Merit Assembly- bring in home awards

13th: Spring Open Day 9.30-10.30am

14th: Sponsored Bounce PTFA

17th: Half term week

26th: Lent Eucharist


2nd: Fairtrade Week

5th: World Book Day activity

6th: St David's Day Eisteddfod

16th: Parent Consultation Evening (Mrs Anthony/ Mrs Croke-West/ Mrs Davies/ Mrs Ellis/ Mrs Jones)

17th: Parent Consultation Evening (Mrs Rosser/ Mrs Anthony/ Mrs Davies/ Mrs Ellis/ Mrs Jones)

17th: Parent Consultation Evening (Mrs Clewer)

17th: Parent Consultation Evening (Mrs Baker)

18th: Helygen Family Worship 9am TBC

27th: Enrichment Afternoon

30th: Enterprise week


1st: Half-termly Merit Assembly- bring in home awards

3rd: Derwen Family Worship & Easter Bonnet Parade TBC

3rd: Last day of Spring term

TBC: Simply Out of School Holiday Club

TBC: Superstars Holiday Club

Please note working parents may be eligible for Wales Childcare Offer towards holiday club places. Please see the link below.




28th-May 3rdNational Testing/Personalised Assessments



20th: Onnen Family Worship 9am TBC

22nd: Enrichment Afternoon

TBC: Y6 Parents Talk re Storey Arms 3pm

24th:  Half term week


TBC: Simply Out of School Holiday Club


3rd: Half-termly Merit Assembly - bring in home awards

8-12: Swimming block lessons week Helygen/Bedwen

10-12: Storey Arms Residential Y6

15th: Cycling Proficiency Week Y6

16th: Nursery & Reception Intake 2019/20 Parent Meeting 4pm

16th: Y6 Parent Evening Cowbridge Comprehensive 6pm

19th: Enrichment Afternoon

25th Foundation Phase (Infant) Sports Day 10am 

26th: Key Stage 2 (Junior) Sports Day 1.30 afternoon

30th: Y6 Cowbridge Transition Day (parents to transport)

30th: Summer Open Day 9.30-10.30am

New intake taster visit/ New Class Jump in Day.


6-10: Swimming block lessons week Draenen wen

TBC: Y6 Llandaff Cathedral Leavers' Service

TBC: Y6 to Cowbridge Church Leavers' service

13th: Year 6 Leavers' Service 6pm Colwinston TBC

15th: Summer Eucharist

17th: Non-Uniform

17th: Y6 Leavers Concert 1.45pm

20th: Closure Day Staff Training


TBC: Simply Out of School Holiday Club 


TBC: Simply Out of School Holiday Club

TBC: Superstars Holiday Club week