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Please visit this page regularly as more events are yet to be confirmed. Our ParentPay page will also have further details on specific events. 

For further information on future Term Dates and proposed INSET days, please visit the Vale of Glamorgan Council website.

Autumn Term 2023

5th Sept - 23rd Dec

Spring Term 2023

9th Jan - 31st March

Summer Term 2023

17th April - 24th July


4th: INSET Closure Day Annual Safeguarding

5th: Start of the Autumn term (NB Nursery staggered intake)

11th: INSET Closure Day

12th: Year 1 & Year 3: Meet the Teacher 4pm-4.30pm

13th: Year 2: Meet the Teacher 4pm-4.30pm

13th: Year 6: Meet the Teacher 3.45pm - 4.15pm

14th: Year 4:& Year 5 Meet the Teacher 4pm-4.30pm

18th: Reception: Meet the Teacher 4pm-4.30pm

19th: Nursery: Meet the Teacher 4pm-4.30pm

25th: Flu Nasal Spray Immunisation


25th: Harvest Festival

30th: Half Term Week


6th: Pupils return to school

11th: Remembrance Service

14th, 15th & 16th: Parent Consultations (Face to Face)

29th: Yr 5 Family Service 9.15am


7th: Save the Children Christmas Jumper & Christmas Lunch

12th: Nursery & Reception Christmas Concert

13th: Yr1 - Y3 Christmas Concert

14th: Y4 - Y6 Christmas Concert

18th: Nursery & Reception Christmas Party

19th: Yr1 & Yr2 Christmas Party

20th: Year 3 & Year 4 Christmas Party

21st: Year 5 & Year 6 Christmas Party

22nd: INSET Closure Day


8th: INSET Closure Day

22-26th: Cycling Proficiency Week - Yr 6

31st: Yr 2 Family Service


6th: Reception, Yr2 & Yr5 Book Look

7th: Y1 & Yr2 Book Look

7th: Yr4 Family Service 9.15am

8th: Yr1 & Yr3 Book Look

9th: Yr4 & Yr6 Book Look

12th-16th: Half term week

19th: Pupils Return to School

24th:  School Choir Concert


1st: Eisteddfod for St David's Day

11th, 12th & 13th: Parent Consultations (Online)

18th-22nd: Year 4 & Year 5 Swimming Week

20th: Reception Family Service & Easter Bonnet Parade 9.15am

23rd: End of Spring Term



8th:Inset Closure Day

9th:Pupils return to school


6th: Bank Holiday

15th: Year 3 Family Service 9.15am

20th - 24th: Year 4 & Year 6 Swimming Week

27th:  Whitsun Half Term Week



3rd: Pupils return to school

5th - 7th: Storey Arms Residential Y6

14th: Sports Day

26th: Yr1 Family Service 9.15am

27th: Transition "Move up" Day (Year 6 Transition Day - Cowbridge School)


12th: Reports to parents

15th: Year 6 Leavers' Service 6pm 

19th: Year 6 Talent Show 2.30pm

19th: End of Summer Term

22th: Inset Closure Day


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